Moose Pond Arts+Ecology was founded as Moose Pond Arts by Zizi and Scott Vlaun in 1999 when they moved to Otisfield, Maine to create a life on a piece of land that Scott had bought when he was an art student at Portland School of Art (now Maine College of Art) in the early 1980s. The mission of the company was to provide graphic design and photography services to existing freelance clients ranging from Seeds of Change Organic Seeds to the National Supercomputing Conference. Other projects included exhibition printing for nationally-recognized photographers, architectural and food photography and promotional materials for small businesses.


As MPA's mission evolved to embrace projects that support ecological sustainability, “Ecology” was added to our name in 2004. Three adjacent lots have been added to the original property in Otisfield, so MPA+E is currently based on 74 acres of previously logged woodland with over one thousand feet of frontage on the ecologically sensitive north end of Moose Pond.


As our business has grown, our mission has evolved. We have now serviced a broad range of clients including conservation organizations, a historical garden, local eco-driven businesses, individual entrepreneurs, and artists. We are continuing to cultivate extensive organic gardens, explore a variety of green building techniques, and develop plans to create an intentional community and conservation easements on the property. We hosted a two week Permaculture Design Class in September 2006 with Andrew Jones and subsequent shorter workshops in organic gardening, green building, and permaculture since then as we strive to promote regional self-reliance and sustainable practices.


MPA+E's vision for the future is to become a center for exploring and identifying regional solutions to essential design problems such as affordable, ecological housing, local organic food production and distribution, sustainable land management, holistic health and well-being, and vital locally based economies.


During our years at our Norway studio above Café Nomad we worked with many fine people including Sam Little, Brendan Schauffler, Anne Campbell, Lauren Mavian, Anna Sysko, Elizabeth Harvey and Stacy Kim. Thank you all for some really good times and some really great work!


MPA+E founded the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy with two other partners on Earth Day in 2013.

Moose Pond Arts+Ecology

Design Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Design Solutions for a Sustainable Future

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