Scott Vlaun

Scott is a photographer, writer, and co-founder of Moose Pond Arts+Ecology. Since 1994, his work has appeared in the Seeds of Change catalogs, website, and eNewsletter and in feature articles for Mother Earth News. His photographs have appeared in several books including Gardening for the Future of the Earth, Organic Living, The Organic Seed Grower, and Yurts: Living in the Round. Scott earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Portland School of Art in Maine in 1984 and received his Master of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico in 1997. He has traveled widely to study and document sustainable agriculture, seed saving, and biodiversity conservation. Scott currently manages two acres of diverse market gardens on our 74 acre site in Otisfield, where he is implementing a permaculture plan initially developed during a Permaculture Design Course held on the site in 2006 with Andrew Jones.


Zizi Vlaun

As a co-founder of Moose Pond Arts+Ecology, Zizi has been designing and producing the Seeds of Change catalogs, website, seedpacks, eNewsletters, brochures, advertising, and tradeshow displays since 2000. She designed the first Seeds of Change website in 1997 while working as a freelancer in Taos, New Mexico after working in print design for Los Alamos National Laboratory since 1992. In 1999 she moved to Maine from New York City, where she had worked for Waters Design Associates. Zizi is also a community activist, having served on the board of directors of Fare Share Co-op for many years. She directed the production and design of six annual editions of The Oxford Hills Magazine to promote local business and culture. In 1994, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Design from the University of Cincinnati.


Shawn Kane

Shawn received his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 1994. After college he worked professionally in product design and cabinet making. Shawn returned to Maine in 2000 to be closer to his family and to the earth and moved to Moose Pond in 2003 where he now lives with his wife Seal Rossignol and daughter Maesa. He continues to make strides toward an integrated, low-impact life, while employing his design training to explore and use the concepts and practices of appropriate technology.


Jasper Rio Khemiri Vlaun

Director of Vermiculture Operations and Worm Relocation Program, he is an integral part of the design team for human powered tractors. Organic gardener since conception. In the springtime, Jasper starts the season by organizing our soil block making operations. Head of stinging nettle identification and irradication program utilizing his hawk eye and eagle eye. Taste tester for field trials and evaluations. Expert nap taker and schedule dictator. Animal rescuer in training, except when wrangling chickens back into the chicken tractor or, at times, when plucking and eviscerating them. Also a longtime bare foot runner with a healthy adaptation to all weather conditions and black flies in Maine. In the wintertime he is an expert tele skiier and is always a friend to Eowyn, LiliJune, Maesa and Olivia because it's always more fun to share with everyone.



Deer repeller and stick fetcher. Core to land management and protection. Spends days in thoughtful protracted observation. Identifier of friend or foe 24/7. Best smeller and finder of voles.

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