Permaculture, short for permanent agriculture, (or culture) was conceptualized and developed in Australia during the 1960s and 70s by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. The concept has since spread throughout the world and has become a serious force for bio-remediation and ecological, socially conscious, development. Permaculture design begins with protracted and thoughtful observation, and seeks to emulate the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. It offers a design methodology and practical systems for providing food, energy, shelter, and other needs in a truly sustainable fashion, emphasizing water conservation, local food production and regional self reliance.


We've been studying permaculture for many years and Scott Vlaun had the auspicious opportunity to interview Bill Mollison at length in 2001. A permaculture designer certification class, with renowned permaculturist Andrew Jones, was held at Moose Pond Arts+Ecology in 2006 with both Scott and Shawn Kane becoming certified as designers. A design for the MPA+E site was developed as part of the hands-on portion of the class and is currently evolving on the landscape. Both Scott and Shawn are available for permaculture design consulting and project implementation.


Organic Gardening


Growing food and medicinal plants is essential to MPA+E's commitment to community engagement and promoting regional self-sufficiency. We currently cultivate nearly an acre of organic gardens, providing a large part of our food needs during the growing season, as well as canned and frozen vegetables, root crops, and other storage vegetables for the winter months. We also supply vegetables to our local food cooperative and a few friends. Our goal is to expand the gardens to supply more food to the local community while developing efficient, bioregionally appropriate cropping systems and plant varieties that we can share with others who wish to grow food.


While our gardens are full food crop experiments and plant breeding projects they also provide medicinal plants, flowers, and a beautiful place to stroll and graze.



Design Solutions for a Sustainable Future

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