We have been designing and managing websites since about 1997 when we first took on Seeds of Change in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Since then we have delved deeply, managing their site for almost ten years, and also designed other sites as our team grew.


Websites are a rigorous process for us and for our clients—they are great for forcing clients to define themselves and their projects, to give them the opportunity to be even more clear about what they are doing and what they want to convey to the public. Because of this, the groundwork to building a site is actually one we relish, with the actual design work becomming icing on the cake! We welcome the challenge to help people, especially non-profits and companies that can't afford professional websites, to define and present themselves well on the web.


Seeds of Change

McLaughlin Garden

Community Concepts

The Ballroom

DeerWood Farm & Gardens

Fare Share Co-op

Healthy Oxford Hills

Northeast Master Loggers Program

Trust to Conserve Northeast Forest Lands

Norway Arts Festival

Northorse Equine Massage

PeaceBaby USA

Shepley Designs

Save Our Opera House

Western Foothills Land Trust

Roberts Farm Preserve

Western Maine University & College Center

Design Solutions for a Sustainable Future

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